Producing solutions in the industry for 37 years and in all parts of the production serves graders from Turkey and nations. Domestic and overseas and the manufacture of spare parts and Turkey itself in the exhibition represents the best possible way. Spare parts manufacturing, imports) and export sales are available. According to local customer demand, as well as industry and offers genuine alternative.

Roads and infrastructure solutions for our company produces graders used in construction also repair spare parts service to customers in this area, maintenance, service, serve machine trading and leasing services. The official institutions-institutions and municipal procurement of spare parts procurement and supports. Machine owners, contractors, services, always ready to service for agents and brokers.

Mechanical parts hiking tracks spare any business machines you are looking for parts hydraulic pumps (hydraulic pump), bucket tip adapters and blades (Bucket teeth and others, adapter) transmission gears, traction gears and chains expressed and sleeves (chain) pins and bushings (p's and bushing) pads and discs with plates (plate) i-rings and seals (o-ring and seal) filters (filter) and other service for all spare parts.
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